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1080P HD Webcam with Mic for Desktop & Laptop


Brief Description:

1080p Auto Focus Webcamera




-Live video streaming on social website

-Live games streaming

-Online lecture

-Video chatting with families and friends

-Video conference

-Capture photos

-Recording HD videos

-Compatible with Video capture card

Video Definition:

①JPEG Normal version:JPEG*1920×1080,640×480 etc;

②H.264 Norma lversion:H.264*1920×1080,JPEG *1920x1080.64Cx480 etc;

③HDR version:HDR*H.264*1920x1080,HDR*JPEG*1920x1080,640x480 etc;

Video Frame Rate:Full HD1080@30fp/s;

Video Encoding:H.264 video coding (providing smoother video with less network bandwidth)

Compatible with MJPGE,YUY2:

Lens Specifications:7(6+1IR)pieces Of AR Coating Optical Lens,offering clear and bright image quality;

View Angle:wide-angle view, without optical distortion;



Focusing mode:

①For Manual focus(MF):Turn the focus ring on the webcam until you see a Clear image,

②For Auto focus(AF):Alignment reference,wave in front Of the camera,the webcam will

automatically adjust the focus to the clearest State:

Audio:Double noisecanceling Microphones and pickup voice within 3 meters(9.8ft)distance;

Multi-purpose Support:Universal clip with tripod hole can fit kinds Of laptops,LCD or


Background Replacement:

Register with Personify for VIP premium membership to enjoy the function Of video

background change during live-broadcasting of the Xsplit game(suitable for use in Windows 7 or

higher versions);or downoad the application Chromacam to virtually create different video

backgrounds,thus rendering the product distinctive(Background replacement function must be

Intel I3 or above).

Note:Background replacement may not be supported in ordinary home use version,

Data Port Drive-free UVC standard Type AUSB2.O port(Compatible USB3.0);

Operating Systems:

Windows@XPSP2, Windows@7/8/10 or above;

Mac OS 10.6 or above;

Linux 2.6.24 or above:

Google®Chrome OS:version 29.0.1547.70 or a fulther altitude version(Hiradai 4319.79.0 or higher);

Android version 5.0 or above;

XBox One™ V10.0.17134.4056 or above,

Note:The ordinary home use version may not support XBox One.

UbuntuS® (Linux)10.04 0r above;

Computer configuration requirement:

1.Basic computer Configuration for video calling.

2.4GHZ IntelCore2 Duo processor or higher,2GB memory or higher for storing recorded video,USB2.O port(4K products require USB3.0);

2.Live video streaming computer configuration:

2.4GHZ Intel Core2 Duo I5 processor or higher,4GB memory 0r higher for storing recorded video,USB2.0 Port(4K products require USB3.0)。

Works with most video applications: