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Pisen Universal 4 x USB Output Ports Travel Charger Folding Wall Charger 4A Max with US UK EU Adapter


Brief Description:




-Suitable For International Traveling: The USB travel adapter includes UK/EU/US plug, wide voltage in Automatic voltage adjustment between 100V and 240V, small size and easy portability make it perfect for your pocket - it is the best USB charger for business trips and traveling.

-Multi USB Port: High quality and reliable portable USB charger with 4 USB Ports (2x 2.4A Smart output and 2x 1.5A output) could max up to a 4A output. It can charge multi-devices simultaneously and largely save your time.

-Smart IC Design: Buil-in USB charger with smart IC technology will adjust the current output to match the specific needs of the devices plugged in, providing for each one the best full speed charge sustainable without risking to damage your expensive gadgets.

-Designed For Your Smart life

Its smart charging technology applies the needed flow of current to the devices plugged in to port, if your phone needs 1.0A to charge it, the device supplies it with 1.0A. If your iPad needs 2.4A, then it supplies 2.4A,so you do not need to worry about overcharge. It will automatically charge them correctly and the charging speed is as good as the original plug.

-Compact Design

Foldable AC plug saves space and four USB ports ensures an excellent charging experience

-Ideal for Travel

3 interchangable US / UK / EU travel adapters easily fit into an All-in-One travel plug.

It covers 100v and 240v input. Compact design and lightweight are perfect for travel.

-Safety Assurance

Built-in safety smart protection system to prevent over-current, over charge, over voltage and short circuit, it provides complete protection for you and your devices. Rugged polycarbonate shell, scratch-resistant, providing longer service life

Speed charging: Dual smart USB 2.4A output + dual 1.5A USB output, supporting 4 devices simultaneously; smart output can intelligently detect features of your devices to deliver up to 2.4A current.

Folding plug: The foldable design makes the size of this product even more portable and provide more convenience. 

Durable shell: Solid shell is designed to be scratch and stain resistant.

Protection system: multiple protections to avoid over-load, over-voltage, over-current,over-heat, and short circuit.

Universal charger: 100-240V of input voltage and folding removable adapters (including US plug, UK plug and EU plug) are universal

Warranty: 180 days